Holiday gift packages for everyone!

The holidays are almost here! Why fight those rude, unruly crowds in the stores, frantically searching for a gift for yourself or that special golfer in your life? Look no further than Lessons with Leslie to help find the perfect golf gift. It’s a quick and easy way to check that item off your shopping list.

The swing evaluation is an absolute must before starting lessons. In the swing evaluation, we’ll cover basic putting, chipping and full swing; and set realistic goals for future improvement in each area.

But why stop at just the swing evaluation? Pair an evaluation by Leslie Fischer, a certified LPGA professional, with any of the following packages for the gift that will make them smile…big!

(valued at $140)

1 Swing Evaluation + One 30-minute lesson

(valued at $170)
1 swing Evaluation + One one-hour lesson

(valued at $240)

1 Swing Evaluation + Three 30-minute lessons

(valued at $330)

1 Swing Evaluation + Three one-hour lessons

Contact Leslie Fischer at or call the Windsor Parke Pro Shop at 904-223-4653 for more information. Don’t wait to purchase the perfect golfing gift that will last a lifetime!

2018-19 Ladies Golf Clinics

Ladies, has your golf game suffered by hiding in the AC to beat the Florida summer swelter? Are you anticipating getting back on the course during those cool Autumn days?

Wait no more! Beginning in August, Lessons with Leslie is offering clinics exclusively for the ladies. These clinics will get you back in the “swing” of things before you can say pumpkin spice. Join Leslie Fischer, LPGA instructor, and have fun getting to know other lady golfers while brushing up on your game.

Cost: $25 per player/clinic (minimum 2, maximum 8 ladies per clinic)

August Clinic Dates, 6-7pm
Aug. 13: Short Game
Aug. 27: Full Swing

September Clinic Dates, 6-7pm
Sept. 17: Full Swing
Sept. 24: Short Game

October Clinic Dates, 6-7pm
Oct. 1: Short Game
Oct. 15: Full Swing
Oct. 22: Full Swing

November Clinic Dates, 4-5pm
Nov. 5: Short Game
Nov. 19: Short Game

December Clinic Dates, 4-5pm
Dec. 10: Full Swing
Dec. 17: Full Swing

January Clinic Dates, 4-5pm
Jan. 7: Short Game
Jan 14: Full Swing
Jan 21: Full Swing

To sign up for any or all of these exclusive clinics for women only, contact Leslie Fischer at or call the Windsor Parke Pro Shop at 904-223-4653. Payments accepted as cash or check.


christmas-golf72Does Santa need a little help with that golfer in the family? Or, perhaps, golf lessons are on someone’s Santa list this year? Look no further than Lessons with Leslie to help Santa’s search for the perfect golfing gift!

The swing evaluation is a must have before lessons. In the swing evaluation we will cover basic putting, chipping and full swing; and set goals for future improvement in each area.

(valued at $140)

1 Swing Evaluation + One 30-minute lesson

WHITE HOLIDAY PACKAGE $150 (valued at $170)
1 swing Evaluation + One-hour lesson

BLUE HOLIDAY PACKAGE $200 (valued at $240)
1 Swing Evaluation + Three 30-minute lessons

GOLD HOLIDAY PACKAGE $300 (valued at $330)
1 Swing Evaluation + Three one-hour lessons

Contact Leslie Fischer at or call the Windsor Parke Pro Shop at 904-223-4653 for more information. Don’t wait to purchase the perfect golfing gift that will last a lifetime!

Join us for Whackin’ Wednesdays!

Windsor Parke Whackin’ Wednesdays is here!


Join LPGA teaching pro, Leslie Fischer, for Short Game Golf Instruction, Drinks & Course Play every Wednesday! Did we mention drinks?

6:00-6:20pm: Short Game Clinic
6:20pm-Sunset: On Course Play

September 14th: Putting Distance Control
September 21st: Putting Slope/playing the break
September 28th: Chipping with Loft

October 5th: Chipping & Bunkers
October 12th: Pitching 30, 40, 50 yards
October 19th: Side Hill Lies
October 26th: Side Hill Lies

$25 each week. Payments accepted as cash or check

Sign up with the Golf Shop at 904-223-4653 or email

Raise confident kids on and off the course

Summer is here and with it comes a multitude of summer camp options for those out-of-school kids. Camp activities range from sports to education to theatre…you name it and there’s probably a camp for it. And, they all offer benefits to young, developing minds.

But, perhaps, none of them offer the range of benefits to your child better than junior golf camps. Junior golfers experience physical, psychological, emotional and social development that can help them succeed academically and, later, professionally. Lessons with Leslie and Windsor Parke Golf Club just finished our first summer youth golf camp. Click HERE for a peek at our awesome junior golfers and the lessons they learned.

Now, let’s take a look at how something as simple as participating in junior golf camps and clinics can impact your child for life.

golf scoringEtiquette, Integrity and Respect
Two traits that seem to be lacking in today’s youth is respect and manners. The rules of golf teaches a child how have respect for themselves as well as adults and other peers. From simple things like turning off a cell phone to respecting other people’s time, golf instills a sense of consideration for others. Simple, respectful actions like repairing the ground, no running, profanity or yelling, and even cleaning golf shoes before entering the clubhouse will help develop a sense of respect and good manners that can extend to home and school.

Integrity is another desirable characteristic golf instills in its players. Since there are no coaches or referees overseeing players’ stokes, honesty is a key component in the game. Golfers learn to expect it of themselves as well as others. Junior golf instruction emphasizes that personal responsibility, honesty and integrity as just as important as correct posture and swing elements.

golf camp 11Social Engagement
This is not to be confused with social media. With so many of our youth walking around with noses inches from their cell phones, the art of physical, social engagement is becoming difficult. Junior golf develops positive, healthy relationships. Lifelong friendships can form from sharing rounds of golf together in a way unlike other activities.

Another area of concern with our youth today is how emotional conflict is handled. Golf has a unique ability to build confidence and positive self-esteem, but can also teach how to handle frustration, anger, disappointment and anxiety. Golf instruction, when done by professionals, can help sort out those confusing emotions and channel them into positive results. The result is the development of tenacity, perseverance and self-control.

Golf can also offer a family quality time together. Whether it’s the entire family, or one-on-one time between parent and child, golfing together provides time to build relationships while walking and talking.

june camp 12Safe Play Environment
It’s 2pm and you’re at work. Do you know where your child is? If your child is hanging out at a golf course, you can rest assured he/she is in a safe, supportive environment. The nature of the game and emphasis on personal responsibility does not lend itself to mischief or non-constructive activities born out of boredom. Responsible adults are usually present and more than willing to keep an eye on junior golfers.

There are those who may doubt whether golf is actually a sport, but those people have never walked 18 holes with a 35 lb bag on their back. The process of walking, swinging, bending and lifting can be a rigorous workout. The average distance for 18 holes is about 5 miles. That’s a lot of calories burned. Since childhood obesity is becoming a concern in our culture, golf is the perfect answer that utilizes major and minor muscle groups to remain healthy….for life. And, it provides opportunities to get outside, breathe fresh air and interact with nature in a positive, healthy way.

june camp 34Along with the obvious physical fitness benefits, golf powers the brain through intense mental focus. Through golf, young players learn the art of strategy and concentration. They are taught how to pay attention to detail as well as how to look at the bigger picture. Increased self-discipline and a desire for self-improvement can result in sharper focus in other areas as well.

So, theres’ a few of the advantages of enrolling your child in junior golf camps and clinics. We hope you consider the benefits of golf when selecting those all-important extra curricular activities. It’s a lifetime sport that nurtures mind, body and spirit! We’re looking forward to our next junior golf camp on July 25-28, 2016. Contact Leslie Fischer at or call the Windsor Parke Golf Club Pro Shop at 904-223-4653 for more information.

Success in this game depends less on strength of body
than strength of mind and character.
Arnold Palmer

Don’t miss out on Summer Junior Golf Clinics!


Jr Golf Camp 5a

Lessons with Leslie and Windsor Parke Golf Club are excited to announce our 2016 Summer Junior Golf Clinics. These clinics are open to all junior golfers ages 6-16 years and are appropriate for all skill levels.

Session One
Monday through Thursday, June 27-30
Session limited to the first 30-36 sign ups

Session Two
Monday through Thursday, July25-28
Session limited to the first 30-36 sign ups

8:30am to 1:00pm

$200 per child
$150 for additional siblings

Fee Includes
16 hours of personal and group instruction
Golf gift and accomplishment awards
Daily lunch included (Please note any allergies when registering)
There will be a maximum of 6 to 7 Juniors per 1 instructor for this camp

Instruction from LPGA and PGA certified professionals will include:
Basic Set-up
Stance and Grip
Full Swing
Short Game and Putting
Etiquette and Rules of Golf

Click HERE to download the registration form to sign your junior golfer up for our Summer clinics. Print the form, complete the information and bring it to the Windsor Parke Golf Shop. Registration forms are also available in the Windsor Parke Pro Shop. Contact Leslie Fischer at or call the Pro Shop at 904-223-4653 for more information.

golf camp 9

Welcome to Lessons with Leslie!

lpga new logo-72As an LPGA Teaching and Club Professional, I want to help you improve all aspects of your golf game. There are always ways to work on your technique for putting, chipping, pitching and full-swing in order to improve your contact, direction, and distance control. And since golf is a game of not only ability, but confidence as well, I always try and improve your mental game as well.

Whether you’re interested in a series of instructional lessons or just a quick, one-hour refresher, Lessons with Leslie is the perfect way to improve your game and enjoy the lifelong sport of golf.

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