I’ve only had a couple lessons with Leslie but they have been awesome. We worked on the driver on the first lesson and we worked on alignment in the second lesson. Both were huge successes. My favorite part about Leslie’s teaching style is that it she seems to really work with your swing and style and not just teach one swing to all her students.  ~Matt


Thanks for small tips at clinics that made a big difference … I shot 98 at Amelia River, 47 on the back 9, and am starting to hit greens in regulation, woo hoo!  ~Allison T.


I started playing golf about 7 months ago. I couldn’t shoot under 100. I started working with Leslie and in seven months I have broken 90 twice. I learn a lot every lesson from a getting off the tee to also learning all the shots around the green. When I play I always see her helping everyone including a group of kids every week. She is a great teacher and would recommend her to anyone.  ~Tyler  S.

Went golfing today and shot 76, my lowest in 15 years! I owe you a lot and  if I was there right now, I’ll give you the biggest hug in the world. I want to keep getting lower and, eventually, I’d like to get to scratch.  ~Joel M.

Taking lessons with Leslie since March 2017


This is a quick note to say: “You are making a difference!” I am a 56-year-old newcomer to the sport (two years) and just started attending Leslie’s after-work clinics. I am so thankful to have access to a golf program that is inclusive and goes the extra mile for working folks, novices, and women. (I live on Amelia Island, and trust me, that is not the norm!) I love the short-game area and the ability to play 9 holes after work, plus the course is incredibly improved since we played it last year, especially the fast greens. Thanks to everyone for your efforts—they are noticed and so appreciated.   ~Alison T.


Leslie, I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your help with my game. After only one lesson, I am hitting my irons more accurately and longer than I have in a long time. You adjusted my set up and gave me a drill to practice that has enabled me to strike down on the ball more powerfully. I am now hitting my irons at least one club less than before. My scores are down at least 8 shots in just two rounds. Thanks so much for your patience and encouragement in helping me enjoy the game I love. You are an awesome instructor!!!  ~Dom

Leslie, just wanted to give you an update since my last lesson. I had my best day in a very long time this past Wednesday, shooting 77.  The swing keys that we worked on contributed to a solid ball-striking round. It was a lot of fun hitting so many quality shots. Thanks so much for your patience, guidance and support in bringing my game back. You are an awesome instructor and coach. I look forward to our next session.  ~Dom


Just wanted to give you an update on Drive, Chip & Putt.  Isabel’s drives were beautiful!!!! She had 2 around 170-180 yards & one around 200 yards right down the middle of the fairway. (She knows the exact yardage) Her goal for the day was to keep all three within the boundaries so she was ecstatic. Not sure the last time I saw her that happy, definitely a confidence booster. She could have easily placed but botched her chips so she ended up in 6th place overall.

She is very pleased with the progress you guys have made in such a short time together. Let me know when you have some more time to get out with her and we’ll work it into her schedule. She may be a little rusty after a week off…  ~Heather

David here, pared first two holes, shot 105, down 10 or so strokes already!  ~A text from David after his first one-hour lesson

My scores have always been 125+ for 18 holes. After my first lesson, I shot a career low of 110! Thank you!  ~Andy

First week of golf camp. Logan took his third place team to first place for their win!!! Lola did super too with second. Thank you Coach Leslie and fellow Coaches!  ~Lisa B.

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Thank you!

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