Contact Leslie by email at lessonswithleslie11@gmail.com to book!

Private Golf Instruction
One-hour lesson: $125.00

One hour lesson: $80
+$20 per additional junior

Small Group Clinics – 1 hour
2 Golfers:  $150 total ($75 each)
3 Golfers:  $180 total ($60 each)
4 Golfers:  $210 total ($50 each)

2 Juniors:  $100 ($50 each)
3 Juniors: $120  ($40 each)
4 Juniors:  $140 ($35 each)

3 Week Sessions – 2 hours each week, for 3 consecutive weeks
Adult: $300 each (6 hours of instruction over 3 weeks)
*Requires 4 Golfers

Juniors: $180 each (6 hours of instruction over 3 weeks)
*Requires 4 Juniors

Example Schedule:
12:00-12:20pm   Introduction and Warm Ups
12:20-1:00pm     Topic/Skill #1
1:00-1:30pm       Putting
1:30-2:00pm       Topic/Skill #2

Golf School – 1 or 2 day options
Adult: $400 each
1 Day School – 6 Straight Hours
2 Day School – 3 Hours Each Day
*Requires 4-8 Golfers

Juniors: $250 each
1 Day School – 6 Straight Hours
2 Day School – 3 Hours Each Day
*Requires 4-8 Golfers

Lesson Facility
Coastal Indoor Golf
1380 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach FL 32250

Windsor Parke Golf Club
13823 Sutton Park Drive North
Jacksonville FL 32224

Blue Sky Golf Club
1700 Monument Road
Jacksonville FL 32225

Lesson Philosophy
Age doesn’t matter when it comes to the passion of golf. The desire to improve is a difficult journey requiring dedication and  you will constantly be challenged. My passion is to help anyone, from age 5 to 95, play to the best of their ability! I’ll work with you on an individual basis, realizing everyone has different physical abilities and personal goals.

My goal with a beginner is to help them achieve a certain level of basic golf knowledge and help instill a valuable sense of comfort and confidence, allowing for the enjoyment of the game in any recreational setting.

As an intermediate-level player, we dig a little deeper and you will develop a better understanding of how your swing technique affects overall direction and consistency, as well as how to develop mental strategies and routines on the course. I want to turn your frustration into an understanding of where the flaws are, so you can self correct when you are out there, and  enjoy the game.

For the accomplished player, I want to fine-tune your mental skills, and double check your equipment in-order to ensure we keep your game accelerating to the next level!  Pin point the smallest detail that might make a world of difference in your game.

Contact me at lessonswithleslie11@gmail.com for scheduling and location