New Teaching Opportunity

I am excited to share I have moved locations and will be focusing specifically on game improvement! While I loved seeing everyone at the Golf Course everyday, my heart is set solely on helping you improve and enjoy those golf rounds. Coastal Indoor Golf, located in Jacksonville Beach, will be my main location for private lessons, group clinics, and golf schools!

Yes, that’s right, an INDOOR lesson facility! No more spending hours in intense heat, dripping sweat, or dodging rainstorms.

Coastal Indoor Golf is Awesome. Lessons are conducted in state-of-the-art simulators including TRACKMAN, Foresight, and Full Swing Sports Technology. Using launch monitors and video in lessons helps us break down and understand your golf swing, provides specific feedback, and aids in MUCH faster improvement.

As for the short game and small details, Coastal has you covered with a large indoor putting green, certified custom club fitters, and club repair.

For more Lesson, Clinic, and Golf School information, check out my “Lessons” tab, or email me at

I look forward to this new opportunity!
Happy Practicing!

-Leslie Godwin

One thought on “New Teaching Opportunity

  1. Tht’s great Leslie!  Heard good things about Coastal Indoor and Jx Beeach is great.  You want me to mention it on the radio or come on sometime let me know.  Hope all is well with you and KW and your family.   Cheers,  CM 

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